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Employee Satisfaction Surveys

HR/IR Satellite offers an innovative online engagement survey system that is fully customizable with guaranteed feedback within 24 hours – no waiting for results!

The comprehensive survey system includes:

  • Sixteen core statements - carefully selected to provide a basic report card on key employee issues. This provides your organization with the ability to compare your results to those of other companies, and provides a benchmark for evaluation.
  • Over ninety-eight additional statements to choose from – you can tailor the survey to reflect your business, identifying priorities and key topic areas.
  • Quick Results – the final report is compiled as soon as the last survey is completed. Graphed results allow for immediate visual understanding of key priorities.
  • Rolling Index – a constantly updated Satisfaction Index based on the results from the core 16 statements from all companies that complete the survey
  • Year over year comparison – Compare previous and current survey results to establish progress.
  • One Number – the results provide an overall organization score to allow for quick assessment of the big picture and recognition of the need for action to be taken. The more detailed results can then be used to help you determine key priorities.

What this means for you:

  • Cost-effective feedback
  • Immediate results
  • User-friendly surveys
  • Fully customizable surveys
  • Benchmarking tools
  • Instant report card




  • Cost-effective
  • Immediate results
  • User friendly
  • Customizable
  • Instant report card
  • Yearly comparison
  • Helps keep track of employee engagement and overall job satisfaction
  • Helps identify potential problem areas before they become real problems
  • Proactive organizational development solutions

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